How to create the relationship of your dreams

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Drop the mask and show your true self, accept yourself and your partner fully.

Many people complain about their relationships not working. There is one cause for all relationships problems - somewhere along the line you forgot who you are, what you want, what you desire, what you need. You put all of these to one side from fear of being judged and unaccepted by the other person. Then in weeks, months, years to come all of those neglected desires and needs begin to kick. They no longer want to be hidden in the cupboards of your mind. They want to be made known. But what will the other person say? Will they still like me? That is a bit too late to ask cos all the wishes and the needs will no longer tolerate being kept hostages by your fearful mind. Let them out, make them known to others and honour them, honour them, no matter how bad they sound, how superficial they sound, how underdeveloped and not-well-thought-out they sound, honour them and believe - they are sacred and they come from the depths of your being. Think - who has imposed those judgements onto you so that you became ashamed from them? Do you want to carry on being short changed emotionally, physically, materially, so that you can please your community, society, religion? While you try to be normal you may forget that you are AMAZING. Every wild call from within, every little wish, every whim, is sacred. When you accept yourself fully for who you really are, then and only then you will be able to accept the other person for who they are.  When you drop the mask of pleasing others and negating your true self, then and only then you will make others comfortable to drop their mask.  Then and only then you will be a good partner who is valued and appreciated for who they are and not for what they are not.  Relationships are about relating and relating can only be done with sincerity and honesty. It is not about the quantity of communication, it is the quality of the communication between two people that makes all the difference between a good and bad relationship. Blessings and love,  Louise.

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