How I love Access Consciousness!

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A thank you note to Dr Dain Heer and Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness

Phew, I just had to use all my will power not to launch a missile attack on someone who truly deserves it... but it's better to be merciful. I'm staying in the question baby, no more judgement from me. My point of view is an interesting point of you. That is all. smile emoticon Thank you Access Consciousness for my liberation from the Fortress of Judgement! heart emoticon 


Why is judgement so bad for us? Because every judgement of others is actually a judgement of ourselves. And every judgement of ourselves is cementing us in our circumstances like in a prison fortress. Because judgements are the cement for the unwanted and the disliked. They harden and solidify the unwanted and the disliked. Which are normally temporary reality, as all reality is temporary naturally, in its essence reality is changeable and not very solid. It is the judgements that make it solid and make us feel heavy, tense, unnatural, entrapped, limited. And every release of judgement of ourselves releases us of judgement of others, and frees us from the walls of the fortress. heart emoticon 


Easier said than done.  So how do we release the judgement.  Dr Dain Heer's advice is: catch yourself in the moment of judging and tell yourself: "I hold an interesting point of view". And that understatement of our judgement which normally sounds in our head as: "I hold the correct point of view",  releases us from the judgement.  And when we are free from the judgement - all the tension, the heavyness, the limitations of the current circumstances (including the one of being with that person), soften and loosen and reveal their true nature - impermanent and fluid, which is hidden from our awareness when we are fixed in the judgement. Once liberated we are free to manouvre, we are no longer stagnant in the circumstances, because our consciousness has shifted - our circumstances have shifted as a result of that. heart emoticonWhy  


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