The Comfort of Breathing in the Body

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How to shift undesired circumstances in life - by accepting the present, not fighting it, and in that acceptance the shift gently happens. 

This year I'm finally getting right the surrendering to what is, accepting reality for what is and enjoying the present moment and appreciating it, not judging it and resisting it, enjoying the breathing and feeling the comfort of being in the body regardless of all else. Just breathing and being in the body is so pleasurable, it does not matter what else happens. Never before have I been able to feel that. Circumstances are still the same, but the feeling is completely different - gladness from the comfort in the body when it does not resist anything and sweetness in the silence of acceptance. Washed by this fine energy I am so grateful. heart emoticon What we resist persist.  There is nothing to be gained from judging the present, resisting it, fighting in, pushing to change it to something else.  The change we desire will happen faster when we drop the resistance and accept the present and stop judging ourselves and others.  Then from that acceptance, the tension of resistance disappears and the blocks start moving.  Matt Khan, a favourite guru of mine,  says even not only accept the present reality, but revel in it, dive in it, disappear in it.  That is how the hard circumstances soften.  When we resist the circumstances we harden them, and make them more solid.  Every judgement we hold cements the circumstances more.  Accepting them without judging them and going along with them creates a powerful liberation from them.  They are no longer solid, but are seen as their true nature -  temporary and illusory.  Accepting them and even appreciating them for the good they bring, and acknowleding what they are serving at this moment in time,  is a brave step towards removing them completely.  But that removal will not happen until clarity is obtained about what their function is in this particul time, what need they are serving.  At their worst - contrast circumstances - the ones that are polar differences to what we want in our lifes, help us to obtain more clarity about what we want, and they appear in our lives when our clarity is not crystalised yet.  All they do is they facilitate clarity.  And clarity is the most essential prerequisite for manifestation.  Nothing can be materialised without the inner clarity of what we want.  And this is only one gift of the contrasting circumstances.  Dive deeper within and you will find more gifts, they are drivers of functions for us.  They help us deal with conflicting priorities - the other obstacle to manifesting the life we want.  Too many different priorities create the stagnation as there is no single direction to move towards.  Can a car drive in several directions at the same time? And the third prerequisite of manifesting desired reality is the inner state.  If the inner state is frustrated in a fighting mode, it does not appreciate the soft, illusory nature of the present circumstances.  Reality is the most temporary, the most unstable, the easiest to shift, if we have the inner peace to see it for what it is.  Everything is in a constant change - that is the true reality.  If it feels stable and hard - that needs to be recognised as an illusion created by our judgements and resistance. 

My first benefits of this new strategy are deeper breathing, deeper relaxed body and mind. This relaxed state is blissful and the focus is no longer on what I want to change.  I am now in a presence of enjoyment and peace and clarity and focus.  Now the soil is ready for the new flowers of change to grow.  No changes can happen when the inner state is disturbed and overwhelmed heart emoticon  Blessings, Louise.

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