Fast Delivery Worldwide

We ship with 1st Class Royal Mail or courier, depending on number of items purchased and their destination.  

We ship everywhere in the world for the cost of £3.80 regardless where you are in the world and how many products you buy.

You, our customer, are most important to us, and we make sure we deliver the products to you safe and fast!

All products are shipped within 24 hour of purchase. 

1)  In an event of a lost item we will give you a full refund by default, or if you prefer we may replace the item and resend it to you at our discretion.

2)  In an event of a damaged item whilst in transit, we replace the item and resend it to you.

3)  In an event of a delayed item, we track it down for you on our side and we ask you to track it down on your side, if the item has been sent with a recorded delivery.  If the item has not been sent with recorded delivery we do not resend items to outside UK free of charge.  For this reason we recommend that you request recorded delivery from us before we had sent it.  This is especially valid for people who have had items gone missing in the post before.  

4)  If it is important to you to receive your items with recorded delivery,  please contact us in advance at gallyadeelya @ Depending on the country of destination we may ask you to cover the cost of the recorded delivery.  

5) Items to US, Canada, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Philippines arrive safely within 5-7 working days.  Items to Russia arrive with big delays - 1 - 7 weeks, regardless of whether they are sent with recorded delivery or not.  We ask you to be patient, so far there have not been lost items, it just take very long time to be distributed by the Russian post service.  Items to Europe take 3-5 working days to arrive.

For all postage related queries please email us at gallyadeelya @ or phone us on

08000 23 52 82.


Enjoy Bilka skincare and toiletries!

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